3 Things to Remember this Mother's Day (with free things for you, momma!)

Happy (early) Mother's Day, Mommas! I'm bringing you a short post today to remind you of why you are amazing & give you a free gift (or two!) Being a mom has been my favorite role in the world. This little girl lights up my life, even on the hard days. And even though I know I'm a good mom (or as good as I can be) often, I'm not so confident.

As a mom, I know that most of us have a confidence issue. Bringing up a human (or just keeping a tiny human alive) is hard, and sometimes we like to tell ourselves we aren't so great at it. Here's the thing- we are! If you are doing the best you can for your children, then you are absolutely the best momma for them! Here are some things to remember to boost your mom-confidence this Mother's Day and all year long!

1. You are a superhero. Whether it is with little sleep, little time, little resources- you do it all! You somehow still have patience with your baby when you're running on a total of 5 hours of interrupted sleep. Not only do you have patience, but you are loving and caring even when you feel like a zombie- you're amazing! Naptime might be only 40 minutes long, but somehow you got the dishes done AND took a shower- you're literally a superhero. Getting out of the door with a baby on time is a miracle and you make that miracle happen at least once a week(ish)! You do so much more than you realize- and you deserve recognition for that!

2. You deserve all of the awards. It might sound crazy, but I think you deserve an award for going to the grocery store with a baby. Or with more than one kid. Or with a toddler that could break out in a meltdown at any moment. How brave are you? You also deserve awards for getting dinner cooked during witching hour when your husband isn't home yet. Or remembering to feed the dog AND the kid. Or actually finding time to exercise today. The small things become BIG, hard things when you're a mom, and you deserve all of the awards for doing all of the things.

3. You're the best momma for your babies. Didn't get your kid to eat vegetables today? Fed your baby only puffs for lunch? Turned away for one minute and your one year old is drinking out of the dog bowl? Guess what? It's okay. And it doesn't make you a bad mom. It makes you human- a human raising sort-of-insane little humans. The best kind of sort-of-insane little humans, of course, but still...stop expecting yourself to be perfect.

Here's your reminder that God entrusted YOU to be the momma of your brilliant, wonderful, beautiful, insane little people. And you have all the tools needed to be the mom they need you to be. So stop worrying about it. Stop worrying about the tiny mistakes or the "advice" that always seems to come off a little rude from that one mom. Just keep loving your babies hard and remind yourself that you are the mom that your little ones' need.

Moms- enjoy this Sunday! I hope it isn't the only day you feel appreciated. I hope your babies and husbands and family members make you feel like the superhero you are every day. But either way- Sunday is a day for you and if nothing else, I hope you get a little more sleep, some good coffee, and treat yourself in some way!

Here's a little free gift for you- or a gift to give your momma! It's my "Most Momma's Oughta Qualify For Sainthood" Print- of course, lyrics credited to Luke Bryan. Just print it out, cut it down to an 8X10 size, and frame it for a little piece of home decor that reminds you that you're amazing (and reminds everyone else that lives in your home that you're a saint!)

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You can also get my free Minimalist Resource- I think minimalism will make your motherhood a whole lot more joyful and less overwhelming, and this resource can help you get started!

Happy Mother's Day!