An Exciting Announcement! Favorite Little Gems Vol. 2

Happy weekend! This week has been a tough one- with Gemma and I both sick pretty much all week.

But it was also a really exciting, because I finally got an Etsy shop together!

Head here to see some hand lettered prints I've been creating as well as a fun mug to celebrate women's month. I'd love it if you'd favorite my shop if you like what you see! There will be a lot more to come- and more than just hand lettered prints (that's why it's a collective), so stay tuned!

So that's why I've been a little quiet on here all week...I have three jobs plus I was trying to open an Etsy shop!

But I'm back, and here for a little favorite little gems weekend roundup for you all!

READING // Check out my last Weekly Round Up to see what I'm reading (it's still the same because momlife gives me very little time to read.)

WATCHING // Same Kind of Different as Me

We kind of chose this on a whim last night (because on Fridays we have movie nights). It was really inspiring and sad and wonderful at the same time. It's sort of a Christian film, but not an obvious, super cheesy one like some of them are.

LISTENING // Goal Digger Podcast

Somehow I just discovered this podcast and it is super informational and informative for any creative/ small business owners or anyone wanting to be one in the future!

USING // My Bullet Journal

I think this requires a separate post, but this is seriously the only way I've been able to stay organized, ever. Here's a bit about bullet journaling if you've never heard of it. I've had other journals that I've tried to bullet journal with in the past, but the link above is to my favorite one and the one I currently use!

EATING // Homemade Baby Food with the BEABA Babycook

(Yeah, I didn't make anything new that knocked it out of the park this week, but I did buy Moose Tracks ice cream, and it is delicious.)

I'm not eating the homemade baby food, but Gemma is! I finally decided to get out my Beaba Babycook that I got for 5 dollars (love garage sales!) and try it out! I made some sweet potatoes for Gemma, and it was probably the simplest thing I've ever made in my life. I honestly never would have thought to buy a baby food maker, but I'm so glad I got it at a yard sale. New mom's, put this on your registry!! It's a money saver and it's SO. EASY. Plus, I like that I know the exact process and ingredients going into her food.

GEMMA IS LOVING // Her Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

We just got this as a gift this week! She absolutely loves it! I did buy her an exersaucer, but when we were gifted this, I definitely didn't say no. She definitely prefers it to the exersaucer I think mostly because she can bounce more. She's a tiny girl, and not heavy enough to make the exersaucer bounce like it is supposed to. This one is the winner, but now we have little baby activity centers on each floor!

MEMORY // Seeing Gemma in the Jumperoo for the first time.

She was so adorable when she realized she could bounce. Another great memory from this week: a really cuddly clingy baby. She was sick, so that's not good, but it did make her extra cuddly. And her cuddles are the best.

Our Week in iPhone Photos