My first two weeks as a VIPKID teacher


Something exciting happened since the last time I posted on here-

I started teaching again!

I know, I know, I blogged about why I quit teaching in the past. But this isn’t anything like my public school experience. This is one on one, online ESL teaching. And it’s been so much fun so far.

I teach with VIPKID and get to meet awesome 5-12 year olds each day and help them learn English. I’ve honestly known about this opportunity for a while but i was afraid to take the leap. I’m SO glad I finally did, and feel like this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

PLUS, it’s all done in the mornings, and the rest of the day I get to hang out with Gemma & do all of the creative things I love to do.

I did a thing and made a video about it. I feel like talking about VIPKID (which I plan to do quite a bit) lends itself well to videos, so you can find me on Youtube every once in a while, too (no matter how strange it feels to see myself on video…)

Hope it’s helpful if you have any curiosity about teaching online! This is the perfect job for a stay at home mom who loves working with kids! All you need is a bachelor’s degree and 3 years “teaching experience” which can be anything related to working with kids, really!

The thing I’m even more excited about is helping teachers get hired- if you want to teach online, sign up here and I’m happy to coach you through the hiring process!

After you use the link above to sign up, you can join my Facebook group where I help you with any questions you have as you go through the hiring process and begin teaching!

Desirae Endres