On New Beginnings (Your August Free Print)

Is it really already August? Every year of my life, since I can remember, this is the time of year where I'd start gearing up for the school year.

A little over 17 of these years, I did this as a student. The past four, I did this as a teacher.

And now? I'm not.

new beginnings free print

You can read my post about why I stopped teaching. But this year looks a lot different for me. Still, there's excitement in the air of our home as Nick will start teaching in a new district, and I will be staying home, full time with Gemma (and working from home part time).

New routines, new things to learn, new beginnings.

Not to mention, we've moved into a new home in a new (old- it's where we're from) state.

There's a good chance you're living on a school year schedule, too. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or your kids go to school, the upcoming school year means new beginnings for you, too.

And if the school year schedule doesn't run your life in some way? Well, I still think August is a great time to begin something new. We're over halfway through the year with the busy holiday season a few months ahead- so why not start that new thing today? Begin forming the habit you've wanted to start. Begin that house project. Begin a new book. Begin decluttering your entire home.

It can be big or small- it doesn't matter how insignificant it feels. Sometimes starting something new is just what you need.

And sometimes it isn't. That's okay if that's you.

But for the rest of you- the ones that are living on the school year schedule, or ready to start something...

This print is for you.

Download the Free Print

I made it as a reminder that we can let go of things that once seemed good, but maybe aren't useful to us anymore.

As a reminder that even sweet seasons (like summer, or four years living in a different state) need to end so a new one can begin.

Whatever season is ahead for you- whether it be challenging, sweet, restful, scary, exciting...it's time to let go of what is behind and cling to what is ahead. Let's open our hearts to new beginnings, though we don't know what they'll bring. Let's trust God on that one.

This print is perfect for a kitchen window. An office wall. A teacher desk. A dorm room. Wherever it is your new beginning is starting- this reminder can be placed there. Because we all need a little push to let go and embrace the new. Or at least, I do.

Get the free print to keep as a reminder to let go of what is behind and begin something new.

Happy August!