Welcome to Your Intentional Summer - I’m so glad you’ve joined me in this free mini course!

First, Listen to the intro lesson:

As the lesson states, there are two things you can do to start:

  1. Set aside your 20-30 minutes that you will use to go through these lessons each day. Hint: The lesson gives you ideas of WHERE to find this time in your day. After the course is over? Continue to use this time for YOU each day!

  2. Make a list - Create your summer bucket list of the things you want to do with your people this summer! We’ll be talking about priorities during this course, and if one of your priorities is to be present with your family (I think this is true for many of us as moms), this list will help you get started!

  3. Join the Facebook Group and feel free to introduce yourself and share what you’re learning along the way!

  4. SHARE! Send your best friend, your sister, your favorite mom friend to desiraeendres.com/intentionalsummer so they can work through realistic minimalism for their days/ mindset as well!

Links to each Lesson:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Wrap Up