Who am I?

Hi! I’m Desirae! You can find me sitting on the floor drinking coffee while my toddler runs around my living room, podcasting, and teaching from my at-home classroom. I’m a wife, mom, Christ follower, minimalist(ish), online teacher, work from home mama, podcaster, writer…the list goes on, and I don’t mind holding quite a few titles. In fact, I love doing all of these things and being all of these things.

I’m about the honest, transparent sharing of stories, and that’s what you’ll always find from me. I believe we often feel alone, but we weren’t meant to, and all we have to do to feel less alone? Talk about it. Talk about the hard things and be honest about them. Talk about the good things and be honest about them. I promise when we do, we’ll all feel a little less alone.

I’m a homebody and my favorite place to be is at home with this girl and my husband with coffee in hand. And with my clingy goldendoodle at my side and in the way with every step I take…he’s sweet and loyal, but he’s also a big bear.


My husband and I stumbled across the Minimalism documentary over a year ago and it changed everything. At the time, I was struggling with postpartum anxiety. What I didn’t know is that much of it (and much of the anxiety I’ve struggled with all of my life) was stemming from overwhelm, and the overwhelm was stemming from the space around me. Living in a constantly cluttered space with too much excess stuff was taking a toll on me that I never knew it was. I lived like this all of my life, and simply getting rid of things and being conscious of the amount of stuff cluttering my space has created such a calmer, more joyful life for me.

I podcast and talk about how less stuff can bring more joy to your family- how having less can simply give you more time for one another. Don’t we all want that? Excess stuff, excess space, always wanting bigger and better…it’s a part of our American culture. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I have found a realistic version of minimalism over the past year that works for me and is sustainable, and I want to help you find that for yourself, too. Each week on the show, I talk about moving towards a more intentional, lighter life and motherhood & I have conversations with other mamas and experts doing the same in some way, shape or form. I hope you’ll join me there!