Bonus: Bonus: What to do When You Feel Like You're Always Cleaning Up After Everyone, but Your House is Never Clean

This was one of the main concerns on a survey I put out a few weeks back: So many moms felt like they were always cleaning up after everyone, but their house was never clean.


Today I talk about that issue, a few steps to get through it, and a note on having time for the things you care about + the "martyrdom motherhood" narrative. 


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36: Where & How to Start Decluttering (Even When You Have No Time) with Joshua Becker

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Today I'm so excited to share my interview with Joshua Becker! We talk about how to start decluttering including:

-The easiest place to start (and how)

-The hardest places to tackle (and how)

-What to do if you don't have the time

-Raising kids in a minimal home...and hoping it sticks

- Plus more!


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Bonus: 5 Ways to Get Intentional, Have Fun & Stay Sane This Summer

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When summer comes along, we often have some kind of change to our routine. Today’s episode goes through 5 tips to help you get intentional, have fun, and stay sane throughout the season!

Dive into the free 4-day mini course to get intentional this summer.

I also have something coming up - a more in depth online course that can help you completely dive into your specific, realistic version of minimalism, so keep your ears open for more about that coming very soon!

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35: Make Time For Yourself Through a Morning Routine - Why Intentional Mornings are a Game Changer (and how to actually wake up earlier)

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Today I talk about my own morning routine, how it has evolved, ways to actually wake up early and find time for yourself, setting up your day intentionally with pillars for a morning routine, and having a morning routine with your family.

My morning routine has been a total game changer in creating more intentional days, and I want to help you make this happen for yourself as well!

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How Minimalism, Simplifying, and Prioritizing can Help You Combat Perfectionism + Own Your Everyday

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Today I have Jordan Lee Dooley as the guest on the show, and we talk about her book, Own Your Everyday. We focus our conversation on:

-Jordan's message behind "Own Your Everyday" and her road to writing a book.

-How to overcome imposter syndrome

-How minimalism can help you be more productive and creative

-The 2 minute rule (don't miss this!)

-How to overcome perfectionism by prioritizing


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Coffee Date #1: with Nickolas Endres (minimal-ish husband) - On overcommitting + getting outside vs. looking at screens

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For my first coffee date episode (a new segment on the show that will air on the last Friday of each month), I wanted to bring on my husband, who started this podcast with me when it was "The Minimalist Family Podcast." I know you'll enjoy hearing from him!

We chat about all kinds of things, including overcommitting and saying no, getting outside more often, and doing just a few things really well (priorities). We also share some recent reads that we're loving, among other things!

I hope you enjoy this fun episode!


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I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Own Your Everyday by Jordan Dooley

Simple Happy Parenting

Evo Planner

33: Contentment Part 2: Mindset Shifts to Get Content in Every Area of Life (and stop re-accumulating) + Practical Steps towards Minimalism & Contentment with Diane Boden

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This week, I'm continuing our conversation on contentment with a thorough episode discussing a few mindset shifts we need to make if we'll ever be content with anything in our lives. I also share my interview with Diane Boden, where we chat about her minimalism journey plus practical tips to stay content and keep yourself from buying stuff you don't need. 

I talk about:

-3 mindset shifts you can make to help you live in a more content place (and stop re-accumulating/ re-cluttering your home)

-scarcity vs. abundance mindset

Diane and I talk about:

-Her minimalist journey

-What is a minimalist mom?

-How can we walk towards contentment, practically- action steps.


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32: How to Get content with your Actual, Imperfect Home + Contentment vs. "Sparking Joy"

Today I'm bringing you 5 ways to get content with your actual home, even if it doesn't look completely insta-worthy, perfect, or updated. 

Plus, I'm discussing the concept of "sparking joy." Does this phrase help us or harm us in our minimalist journey? I think both- listen for more!


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Realistic Minimalism that Fits Your Family + Taking Back Your Time with Erica Layne

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Today I chat with Erica of the Life on Purpose Movement about realistic minimalism and how minimalism can benefit everyone- but it isn't one size fits all. She talks about how minimalism and slow living has changed for her has her family has grown and her kids have gotten older, and how it can change for us within our seasons. We also chat about time management and how minimalism can truly help us own our time.



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30: Practical Steps to Simple, Happy Parenting with Denaye Barahona

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Today I'm chatting with Denaye Barahona of Simple Families! We talk all about her new book, Simple, Happy Parenting, and what that means played out in everyday life. I especially love our chat about what it looks like to holistically take care of the wellness of our entire family, starting with ourselves. 

Things we talk about:

-Denaye's work with Simple Families
-Her new book, Simple, Happy Parenting
-Her Simple Manifesto
-Positive discipline/positive parenting
-Taking care of the family unit and prioritizing your own happiness as a parent. 



Preorder the book: Simple, Happy Parenting!!!

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29: How Minimalism Helped me Leave my Overwhelming Career and Become a Stay at Home Mom + How to get Unstuck from Whatever is Overwhelming You

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Today I'm sharing a part of my story I haven't been as detailed about on the show. I'm going a little bit into detail about my teaching career and how I was constantly overwhelmed and anxious as a teacher, but felt stuck in it anyways...that is, until minimalism came into my life. 

 I'm telling you all about how minimalism helped me get unstuck, and helped my family make huge changes in our lives. We literally kind of uprooted our life after minimalism came in and it was the best decision. 

Often, we feel stuck- but that thing we feel stuck in really is in our control. I'm here today to encourage you to make steps towards the life you WANT to live and leave behind the situation you currently feel stuck in. I hope this story inspires you to do just that. 

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Making Room Resource



28: Simplify Mealtime, Family Routines & Purposeful Self Care with Brittney of Homegrown Tradition

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Today I chat with Brittney of Homegrown Traditions and we talk all about simplifying family life in several different ways, including meaningful self care for mamas and caring for yourself by asking for help. You do not want to miss this conversation!

Things we chat about:

-Simplifying motherhood with a big family

-Simplifying meal times/ meal planning

-Command Centers/ Chores / Family routines

-Self care that will actually fill you up

-Asking for help


Links to all the good things:

Brittney (Homegrown Traditions) on Instagram

Homegrown Traditions Website

Family Clipboard Command Center Printables

The podcast on Instagram

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Cleaning Routine Resource


27: 3 Excuses that are Keeping you Stuck + How to Start Decluttering when it Feels Overwhelming

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Today I'm talking three excuses we often make (especially as moms) that keep us from positive life changes- and I apply these excuses specifically to decluttering. A lot of listeners have expressed an inability to really get started decluttering, so today I'm also talking about where to start.

Things I talk about:

-Why your kids can't be an excuse

-Two other major excuses you might be making

-Ways to get started decluttering when it feels overwhelming


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26: Create Uncluttered, Child Friendly Spaces in the Home + Toddler Independence through The Montessori Method with Theresa of Montessori in Real Life

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Today I have Theresa from Montessori in Real Life as my Guest and we talk all about Montessori in the home, and how to integrate child friendly spaces throughout the home. We also talk about how Montessori and minimalism overlap, and I think you’re going to love our conversation!

Things we talk about:

-The Montessori Method

-Montessori in Real Life

-Child Friendly Spaces Throughout the Home

-Intentional Play

-Cultivating Independence in Toddlers

-Separation Anxiety

-Involving your Child in Everyday Tasks

-Plus so much more!


Montessori In Real Life Blog

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Montessori from the Start

The Montessori Toddler

Minimalish Cleaning Routine Resource

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25: Shift Your Mindset about Cleaning Your Home Plus a Simple Cleaning Routine you can do in 20 minutes per day

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Today I'm talking about one of my least favorite subjects- cleaning! I've said it several times on here..."I don't love cleaning." And honestly, it's still true of me. But, I've went through a mindset shift and truly started seeing the value in it. This episode is all about that mindset shift, plus the simple routine I've created that actually works for me to keep up with my house throughout the week in very little time each day!

Things I talk about:

-How the routine works

-Room resets

-How to change your mindset when it comes to cleaning and tidying your home. (why it's important)


The free cleaning routine resource PLUS a 3 day email course to help you get started and shift your mindset

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24: Decluttering Kids Toys & Clothes + Finding Balance as a Stay at Home Mom with Carleen Armstead

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Today I'm talking to Carleen Armstead from @theminimalmom on Instagram. Carleen is a mom of two, and today she shares her journey into minimalism plus some simple systems she uses to simplify kids toys and clothes in her house. We also talk a lot about finding balance and joy as moms and specifically stay at home moms. But this conversation truly has a lot to offer whether you're a working mom, a work at home mom, or you stay home with your kids. I really love how real and vulnerable Carleen gets as she talks about her life before and after minimalism in regards to her anxiety. 

Thanks so much for listening! If you're loving the podcast, don't forget to share on instagram and leave a rating or a review if you have a couple of extra minutes to do so! Thank you in advance for your time! <3

Here are some links you might want for this episode:

Carleen on Instagram

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Simple + Purposeful Days free ebook

23: How I Became a Happier Mom

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Today I'm giving you a short episode all about how I became a happier mom. I talk a little bit about the anxiety that plagued me in the beginning of motherhood, and how I believe happiness is a choice in so many ways- and the number one thing that has helped me choose happiness.

This episode doesn't mention minimalism or decluttering or anything of the sort- but it's more about simplifying your mindset. Simplifying the negative dialogue in your head. And leaning into who you truly are. 

This was a message that I felt on my heart and I just had to write down & record as I felt it weigh heavy on my heart- so I hope it speaks to you in some way. I do mention my faith a little bit in this episode, but just know that this message (or any message on this podcast, ever) is for everyone. I never intend to push you towards a certain faith or belief system. Insert whatever is relevant to you- I mention my faith at times because it's a large part of who I am. But whoever you are is more than enough, too. 

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22: A Case for Slower Living - Four Simple Steps to Help You Be Less Busy

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Today I'm talking about a topic I'm super passionate about- living slower. I talk a bit about the reasons for slowing down, and encourage you to think about your life and your schedule, what it looks like vs. what you'd like it to look like. I also encourage you to say no, to find margin for rest in your days, and to take control of your days by slowing them down.

I believe this message can be for anyone- whether you're single or a mama of 7. We can all find a way to slow down, it's just a little counter cultural to do so. 

In this episode, I suggest a book to you, so here's the link to the book:
Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner. 

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21: Getting Out of Debt with a Big Family and Finding Contentment with Debtkickinmom

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Today I talk with Debtkickinmom all about the journey she and her family took to get out of debt. They are officially debt free as of December 2018, and our conversation is so encouraging whether you are at the beginning of this journey, in the middle, already debt free, or just thinking about it! 

What we talk about:

-How Debtkickinmom started

-The reason behind her family's debt free journey

-The hardest part of beginning the debt free journey

-The idea of contentment and changing behaviors around spending

-Meal Planning/ Grocery Shopping and the concept of Zero Food Waste

-Encouragements for someone starting out on their journey or wanting to take the leap into a debt free journey

-And a whole lot more!


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Zero Food Waste Tips Video
Step by Step Meal Planning Video
Spirit Lead Me - Michael Ketterer

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