lets walk towards simple together, friend.

As a former teacher, I’ve found so much joy in creating resources to help you walk towards a simpler, more joy-filled life. the resources on this page are for you if you’re ready to make a change, declutter you home, days & mindset and create the life you actually want to be living.

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create routines and rhythms that work for your life.

simple, purposeful days is The Mini Course to Help You Simplify your life & Create Purpose in your Days FAST through rhythms and routines.

This course provides you with a 20 page ebook and video lessons to help you create a purpose statement for your days, create an overall daily rhythm to keep that purpose at the center, and create routines to help you actually find time for the things that are important to you PLUS the things you simply want to find time for.

Simplify your days, live with purpose, and stop suffering from decision fatigue as I coach you through the life change that can come from creating rhythms and routines that make sense for your life.

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get my #1 downloaded FREE resource!

Start finding space in your everyday life through learning about how realistic minimalism can work for you…

You’ll get

  • Ideas to help you get started decluttering

  • Quick decluttering projects you can tackle during naptime

  • Ways to start decluttering your days and your mindset

  • Questions to help you reflect and actually take action

  • Plus so much more!

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cleaning help for the mama who does NOT love to clean…

I’m with you, friend. And I fully believe cleaning should not take up your whole day UNLESS you either love it or want to live a cranky life.

This cleaning routine resource is what actually works for me (did I mention I don’t love cleaning) after I tried so many other things! Get it for free and adapt it to your own life and what works for you!

I also realized MINDSET was a huge part of the issue for me, so you’ll get a free 3 day email course on cleaning mindset.

Let’s do this, friend!

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