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I’m Desirae- mom, wife, & Minimal-ish podcast host- & I’m here to help you make room for what matters in your life.

Minimalism is the movement that encourages us to let go of our stuff so we can have more time in return- so what is minimal-ish? It’s the grace filled way of doing the same thing- minimalism that is actually realistic for you- that makes sense for YOUR life. It’s the kind of thing that will change your life…the kind of thing that changed mine.

It’s the norm- as moms, we try to do it all and be everything for everyone, but that just leaves us burned out, overwhelmed, anxious & tired. Simplifying my stuff and my life helped me get out of that cycle and gave me the space I need to step into the life I actually wanted to live.

I want to help you enjoy your life & your people by cutting out the overwhelm that comes from too much stuff & a busied up schedule.

1. Make Room

in your home, your schedule, and your mind.

2. Decide What Matters to You

determine what truly matters to you and build your life around those things.

3. Actually Live It Out

step in to the life you were made to live.

Through weeding out the excess in your home and your life- you’ll find the time and space to live the life you actually want to live. I’m here to help you do that.

The Podcast

Want weekly, realistic & actionable conversations to spring you into action towards a lighter life & a more joyful motherhood? The Minimal-ish Podcast is for you!

I’m just an ordinary mama who has changed her life from the outside in. I was once overwhelmed by all the things- and now I consistently walk towards a lighter, slower, more intentional life day by day- minimalism helped me step into and create a life I truly feel happy to wake up to each morning. On the Minimal-ish podcast, I share what has worked for me and what I’m continually learning each week. I used to live in clutter and I really didn’t think it was an issue…until it was. And once it was gone, I realized just how much it was affecting me by the way my quality of life immediately improved. It doesn’t stop there, though. Once you get rid of the stuff, that’s when you find the time and space to dig into the life you were truly meant to live.

I talk all about minimalism, intentional living, motherhood, slower living, and everything in between on each week on the show as I help you walk towards making room for what matters to you. & I invite other mamas and experts on to share their stories & knowledge, too. It’s a super fun place to be- and thousands of other mamas join me each week. I want you to come hang out with us, too!

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