We’re starting out with minimalism for our days - the rest of the lessons in this course will focus on mindset, but I believe if we can set up our days to be more intentional first, more focused on what matters, we’ll have more room in our days to make those mindset shifts.

Of course, this lesson is just an overview, and there’s a lot more to dive into when it comes to minimalism for our days. But I hope this free course is a great start for you when it comes to diving in to how minimalism can help us own our days vs. just letting them happen to us.

What to do:

Download your Workbook

Listen in to both parts of today’s lesson, do the journaling work and action steps (in your workbook), then dive deeper with the linked podcast episodes if you’d like more!

This is really one of my favorite parts of minimalism - my days are now truly aligned to what I care about and what I love doing- I hope the same for you, friend!

Dive deeper:

  1. Aligning your Priorities to your Days (podcast episode)

  2. Morning routines (podcast episode)

Get the Make Room Master Course (find out more through this link)