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about minimal-ish

minimal-ish is a weekly podcast hosted by Desirae Endres. She is passionate about helping women and moms, walk towards a more intentional life The show focuses on realistic minimalism, slow living, and intentionally walking towards the life you were meant for. Desirae does this through speaking on topics that resonate with her audience and interviewing inspiring guests on the same path.

More about Desirae

Desirae is a mom, wife, creative, and former English teacher with 5 years of professional teaching experience which has given her the skill of teaching and communicating. She has also worked for Yelp and other small businesses, promoting their work through social media platforms. She has always had a passion for writing and communication, and now, her passion is to share the message of minimalism and intentional living with other women, as this movement has truly changed her life.
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Podcast Stats

Launched in February 2019 (Rebrand)
200K+ unique downloads
50K+ monthly downloads (in July 2019)
5K+ downloads per episode after 30 days (growing by an average of 1K per episode each month)

Social Reach

7.8K+ instagram followers
890 email subscribers


The average listener is between the age of 24-37 years old, is married, and has children. She is often overwhelmed by her role as a mom, possibly also balancing work and household duties. She is looking towards a life less consumed by clutter and more focused on what truly matters. She is looking for solutions for a more joy-filled life, simplifying motherhood and everyday life, simplifying cleaning. She is often concerned with environmental issues as well and is trying to lessen her carbon footprint. She is all about making purchases with companies who have an intentional mission and whose product will add value to her and her family’s life.

Our audience is highly engaged and predominately located in the United States with reach extending to 97 different countries, especially Canada, Australia, and the UK.

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Services + Fees

Podcast Sponsorship: 30-60 second beginning or mid roll live read during the show + description and links in the podcast (accessible wherever one is listening) notes and on my own website + shout outs on instagram and to my email list! Cost is currently $125 and there is a discount if sponsoring several episodes. As a podcast sponsor, I will be chatting about you all over the place, not just on my podcast!

Guest Interview: no fee! I would love to be on your podcast if it is a good fit, or I’d love to have you on mine if it would serve my audience- let me know why you should be on my podcast through the form below!

Giveaways: I’d love to collaborate with you on a giveaway if it fits my audience. This is typically at no fee as it will benefit our growth and our audiences together!

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