17: The Link Between Identity, Clutter & Why You Can't Get Organized with Lauren Tucker of An Organized Life

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Today on the podcast, I interview Lauren Tucker, the brains behind anorganizedlife.info and @an_organized_life on Instagram! She’s a guru of all things organization, and our conversation is full of tips on how to get organized, ways to approach goals, and reasons why so many find it hard to get organized at all.

We talk about:
-Why Lauren started An Organized Life
-The psychology/mindset behind organization
-The link between identity, clutter, and why you can’t get organized.
-A way to set goals so you feel less overwhelmed (and more likely to actually take action)
-and more!

Things we mention:
-Lauren’s website
-Lauren’s instagram
-The minimal-ish podcast instagram
-The Minimal-ish Meal Planner
-The minimal-ish podcast website
-Google Tasks
-This Naked Mind
-How to leave a review on iTunes

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