23: How I Became a Happier Mom

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Today I'm giving you a short episode all about how I became a happier mom. I talk a little bit about the anxiety that plagued me in the beginning of motherhood, and how I believe happiness is a choice in so many ways- and the number one thing that has helped me choose happiness.

This episode doesn't mention minimalism or decluttering or anything of the sort- but it's more about simplifying your mindset. Simplifying the negative dialogue in your head. And leaning into who you truly are. 

This was a message that I felt on my heart and I just had to write down & record as I felt it weigh heavy on my heart- so I hope it speaks to you in some way. I do mention my faith a little bit in this episode, but just know that this message (or any message on this podcast, ever) is for everyone. I never intend to push you towards a certain faith or belief system. Insert whatever is relevant to you- I mention my faith at times because it's a large part of who I am. But whoever you are is more than enough, too. 

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