29: How Minimalism Helped me Leave my Overwhelming Career and Become a Stay at Home Mom + How to get Unstuck from Whatever is Overwhelming You

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Today I'm sharing a part of my story I haven't been as detailed about on the show. I'm going a little bit into detail about my teaching career and how I was constantly overwhelmed and anxious as a teacher, but felt stuck in it anyways...that is, until minimalism came into my life. 

 I'm telling you all about how minimalism helped me get unstuck, and helped my family make huge changes in our lives. We literally kind of uprooted our life after minimalism came in and it was the best decision. 

Often, we feel stuck- but that thing we feel stuck in really is in our control. I'm here today to encourage you to make steps towards the life you WANT to live and leave behind the situation you currently feel stuck in. I hope this story inspires you to do just that. 

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