33: Contentment Part 2: Mindset Shifts to Get Content in Every Area of Life (and stop re-accumulating) + Practical Steps towards Minimalism & Contentment with Diane Boden

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This week, I'm continuing our conversation on contentment with a thorough episode discussing a few mindset shifts we need to make if we'll ever be content with anything in our lives. I also share my interview with Diane Boden, where we chat about her minimalism journey plus practical tips to stay content and keep yourself from buying stuff you don't need. 

I talk about:

-3 mindset shifts you can make to help you live in a more content place (and stop re-accumulating/ re-cluttering your home)

-scarcity vs. abundance mindset

Diane and I talk about:

-Her minimalist journey

-What is a minimalist mom?

-How can we walk towards contentment, practically- action steps.


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Desirae Endres