I make a lot of free stuff for you, because I like to. I love writing and podcasting and creating content that is helpful. I love sharing stories. And I really like to do it all freely.

But guess what? It costs money to share these stories.
Podcast hosting.
Website hosting.
Not to mention all the time that goes into it all.

It isn’t free, friends. Not one bit. If you love the podcast or the blog or anything I put out in the world, consider being a Patron.

You’ll get all kinds of exclusive stuff.

What is Patreon and what is this exclusive stuff you speak of?

Not into patreon?

But still want exclusive stuff?

The thing I put all my heart and soul into once a month to create fantastic, exclusive content for you? The Simple Mom Note. It’s a monthly publication that includes motherhood memoirs, a practical, applicable, Minimalist tip of the month, the monthly, secret “Simple Mom” podcast, free handlettered printables that will help you simplify and organize your life, a credit to my Etsy store, occasionally some video content, and more!

This is the very best, most helpful content you can find from me. I spend a lot of time on it each month! And it’s SUPER affordable, because I want you to have it no matter what your budget is!