52: Simple Steps to Finding Friendship (in the season of motherhood) + Building Boundaries in Toxic Friendships with Amanda Anderson

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Today I chat with Amanda Anderson, author of All My Friends Have Issues all about simplifying the process of making friends in the season of motherhood. I loved this conversation as it was truly one I didn't know I needed- and I'm betting a lot of us are struggling with similar issues when it comes to finding friendship and community in any season, really. Amanda has so many insights on this topic and we really go wide and deep at the same time on the topic of friendship. I hope you enjoy the conversation and gain new confidence in finding community in your life!

What we talk about:

-Why friendship matters (with people in the same season and different seasons)

-How to simplify the process of making friends

-Inviting people into our lives

-Dealing with toxic friendships well/ boundaries

-Next steps with finding community

-A question about race and friendship that she leaves us with at the end (Absolutely something worth noting and something to think about more deeply)


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