51: Create Whitespace in your Days + Be a More Productive (and less busy) Person with Tonya Dalton

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The word productivity usually scares me away. It feels like another way I don't measure up or another way I can feel "not enough" if I don't check all the boxes. When I stumbled upon Tonya Dalton's message in her newest book JOMO, I learned that true productivity shouldn't feel like that - and it includes creating space for what you love in your days and actually enjoying your life. Much different from the message of productivity being the "always busy" image so many of us have in our heads. 

Today, Tonya and I talk about:

-Her new book, The Joy of Missing Out

-Why the culture of busy is dangerous

-What true productivity looks like

-What it looks like to create whitespace in your days

-Whitespace in your days with your kids

-How to begin creating time for whitespace.

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