41: Check In With Yourself: What Priority is Falling Behind? 3 reasons we "let go" of our priorities (and how to move them back into focus)

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I talk a lot about aligning our days to our priorities and crafting our days around what matters. I believe this is key in living intentional, purposeful, happy days.

But what happens when one of our priorities starts to fall to the back burner? This will inevitably happen as we're not perfect (and we shouldn't strive to be!).

When it does happen, I believe it's important to reflect and re evaluate why this is happening and how we can move this thing that we claim is important to us back into focus. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect, but we do want to work towards purpose. 

As I reflected on this myself, I realized there were three different reasons this was happening for me. Today I'm sharing these reasons and ways we can combat them and move whatever has fallen out of focus back to it's rightful place in our life. 



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