46: Finding Purpose in Homemaking and Staying at Home Mom/Work at Home Mom Life with Celeste Charles

On Minimal-ish, we like to talk about the things that matter and making room for the things that matter. Throughout August (and some of September) we'll be focusing on work & school, two things that matter, and that we can find purpose in when we get intentional about our roles and choices in these areas of our life. 

So far we've talked to work at home moms, full time working moms, and today, we're focusing in on the work of homemaking and stay at home motherhood. We'll talk about ways we simplify work at home motherhood, and we'll also talk about finding purpose in our roles of stay at home motherhood. We even talk about ways we can care for ourselves when so much of our focus each day is on our children. 

My guest, Celeste, has a perspective on homemaking and motherhood that any mom can resonate with, and she also works from home as well, so her perspective branches out into the work at home mom life. 

Most of all, Celeste is just a JOY FILLED person! I left our conversation feeling so positive and happy, and I think you'll feel the same after you listen in to our conversation! She's honestly such a light and I absolutely loved chatting with her!

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