Simplify Your Paper Clutter & Drop Zones - Minimalism for the Back to School Season

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I'm talking to a Jennifer Petropoulos on the podcast today! She's a teacher and a mom of three school aged children. Jennifer has truly seen the benefits of minimalism in her own family and she gives us a peek into that today as she lets us in on some systems she uses during the busy school year!

We talk about:

-Paper clutter/ paper storage systems

-Drop zones

-Lunches & dinners (prep & systems)

-Self care for the working mom 

-Keeping family life less busy with 3 kids in school


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Share your own paper/ drop zone systems on instagram and use the hashtag #minimalish life plus tag me @minimalish.desirae so I can see! If you account is private, send a picture as I won't be able to see the tag! :)

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Desirae Endres