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We're so excited about the adventure of launching The Minimalist Family Podcast! Check out a little bit about who we are in our about section above. 

Our goal with this podcast, the reason we're starting it, is to create a place to encourage others that are on the same journey we're on- a journey with a focus on intentional living, and intentionally living with less so we can enjoy the important things more. So we can do what matters. So we can live abundantly, with a focus on family and the values that are important to us. 

We've found that stuff doesn't bring the fulfillment we once believed it did. And a home full of stuff is often a home full of clutter, which actually ends up with quite the negative affect on our brains. 

A life with less stuff has brought us so much more joy. Clearer minds. Clearer missions. More time to enjoy our little girl and each other. Less to manage in our home (hallelujah!) 

If you'd like to hear more about our story, you can read a post that was written by Desirae towards the very beginning of our journey here. 

Of course, you can bet one of our first episodes will detail our story even more. 

We are launching on Tuesday, September 4th!

Until then, though, here's a few things you can do.

Join our Launch Team!

As a launch team member, you'll get some great goodies sent to you, like family bucket list templates for the upcoming seasons (a great way to plan to be present together), and Desirae's Simple and Purposeful Days Guide Book.  Sign up now and get the freebies sent to you on August 20th.

If you join our launch team, we'll just ask that you subscribe to our podcast, download the first episodes, and celebrate with us all on the day it launches! We'll also ask for a review if you love it!

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