Our First Episode | Our Story

We're so excited that our first episode is published and our podcast is ready for listeners! We can't wait to share our heart on minimalism with you all!

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In this episode you'll learn about who we are, why we're starting this podcast, our journey to a more minimalistic life, and how it has benefitted our family.

PS: Sorry about any background noise. We're not professional podcasters. We're a couple just wanting to share our heart! Give us some grace :) We're doing our best!

We want you to know we are far from perfect. We're constantly learning about minimalism ourselves, learning what it looks like to make it most beneficial for our family, and that minimalism can look different for everyone. These are our opinions, and this is our version of realistic minimalism with a family.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who we are!
  • Why we're starting this podcast
  • How we got started with minimalism
  • Our own definitions of minimalism
  • How minimalism has benefited our family
  • How it has changed us, individually and as a couple/ family
  • What it "feels" like to be a minimalist

Things we mentioned/ other places to find us:

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